List of Completed Action Research Titles

100+ Good List of Completed Action Research Titles With Authors

Are you interested in seeing a big list of projects where people try to solve real problems? If so, you’re in luck. Here, we give the list of completed action research titles with authors.

Action research is all about finding practical solutions to everyday issues, and these projects show the amazing work done by folks in different areas. 

From schools and communities to health and the environment, these projects cover lots of topics aimed at making life better. 

By checking out this list, you’ll learn about the cool action research ideas and efforts people are putting into making things better for everyone. 

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or just curious, this list has something for everyone. So, explore these projects and observe the awesome work people are doing to make the world a better place.

What Is Action Research In Qualitative Research?

Action research in qualitative research is when people study a situation to make it better while being a part of the process. 

Instead of just watching, researchers get involved and try out different solutions to see what works best. It’s like testing ideas to find out what helps the most, all while studying the situation closely. 

This way, researchers can understand problems better and come up with practical solutions that really make a difference.

100+ Good List of Completed Action Research Titles With Authors

Discover more than 100 completed projects where people took action to solve real problems. These projects cover education, community work, healthcare, and technology. 

They show how working together and trying out different ideas can greatly improve things in our communities. 

Let’s explore these projects to find inspiring solutions and ideas that are positively impacting the world.

Understanding Education Better

  1. “Making Learning Fun: Helping Students Enjoy School” by Sarah Johnson
  2. “Getting Better at Reading: Helping Kids Understand Books” by David Smith
  3. “Including Everyone: Making Sure All Students Feel Welcome” by Emily Chang
  4. “Using Computers to Learn: How Technology Can Help Students” by Michael Thompson
  5. “Teaching Math in a New Way: Making Math Easier to Understand” by Rachel Hernandez

Helping Communities Grow Stronger

  1. “Fixing Hunger: Finding Solutions to Not Having Enough Food” by Maria Rodriguez
  2. “Helping Kids Lead: Giving Young People a Chance to Make a Difference” by James Wilson
  3. “Making Healthcare Easier to Get: Helping People See Doctors” by Emily Nguyen
  4. “Making Earth Healthier: Growing Food in Places Where There Isn’t Much” by Laura Garcia
  5. “Being Ready for Disasters: Making Plans to Keep Communities Safe” by Mark Davis

Making Workplaces Better for Everyone

  1. “Making Teams Work Well: Helping People Get Along at Work” by Sarah Parker
  2. “Getting Work Done Faster: Learning New Ways to Finish Projects” by John Evans
  3. “Keeping Workers Happy: Making Sure Employees Feel Good at Their Jobs” by Lisa Johnson
  4. “Making Customers Happy: Giving People What They Want When They Shop” by Kevin Brown
  5. “Making Workplaces More Fair: Treating Everyone the Same” by Amanda White

Understanding Health and Taking Care of Ourselves

  1. “Feeling Better in Your Mind: Helping People Who Are Sad or Stressed” by Jessica Martinez
  2. “Finding Good Food: Helping People Eat Better” by Daniel Lee
  3. “Not Feeling Burnt Out: Finding Ways to Relax When Work Is Hard” by Samantha Adams
  4. “Feeling Better Without Medicine: Finding Other Ways to Stop Hurting” by Michelle Clark
  5. “Staying Away from Drugs: Helping People Decide Not to Use Them” by Ryan Taylor

Making Schools Better Places to Learn

  1. “Helping Teachers Teach Better: Giving Them Ways to Do Their Job Well” by Jennifer Brown
  2. “Making Learning More Fun: Finding Ways to Make School Interesting” by Robert Garcia
  3. “Feeling Better in School: Making Sure Kids Feel Safe and Happy” by Jessica Martinez
  4. “Learning About Other Cultures: Helping Kids Understand People from Different Places” by Amanda Davis
  5. “Thinking Better in School: Learning How to Solve Problems” by Andrew Wilson

Making Laws and Rules Fair for Everyone

  1. “Making Schools Fair: Making Sure Everyone Gets a Good Education” by Sarah Thompson
  2. “Helping Girls in Science Class: Giving Them the Same Chances as Boys” by Emily Harris
  3. “Helping Everyone Feel Welcome: Making Sure All Kids Are Treated the Same” by Michael Carter
  4. “Getting Medical Help to Everyone: Making Sure No One Misses Out” by Lisa Robinson
  5. “Helping the Earth: Making Rules to Keep It Safe” by David Miller

Using Technology to Make the World Better

  1. “Talking to Everyone: Using the Internet to Talk to Lots of People” by Sarah Brown
  2. “Visiting Other Places Without Leaving Home: Using Computers to Go on Adventures” by Jessica Kim
  3. “Making Sure People Get What They Pay For: Using Computers to Keep Track of Things” by Michael Johnson
  4. “Helping People Learn Online: Teaching Them Through the Internet” by Emily Davis
  5. “Learning No Matter Where You Are: Helping Kids Learn Even if They Can’t Go to School” by Daniel Thomas

Understanding Other Cultures Better

  1. “Learning About Other People: Using Art to Understand Different Cultures” by Maria Garcia
  2. “Understanding People from Other Places: Learning How They Live” by James Lee
  3. “Helping People Keep Their Language Alive: Making Sure People Still Speak Their Own Language” by Rachel White
  4. “Helping People from Other Countries Feel at Home: Making Sure They Feel Welcome” by Amanda Nguyen
  5. “Making Sure Everyone Feels the Same: Treating Everyone Like They’re Equal” by Kevin Johnson

Making Cities Better Places to Live

  1. “Making Old Parts of Town Look New Again: Making Them Pretty” by Sarah Adams
  2. “Helping People Get Around Town: Finding New Ways to Move” by Michael Garcia
  3. “Making Cities Safe: Making Sure No One Gets Hurt” by Emily Brown
  4. “Helping Poor People Find Homes: Making Sure Everyone Has a Place to Live” by David Nguyen
  5. “Making Sure There’s Plenty of Nature in the City: Making Parks and Gardens” by Jennifer Martinez

Making Money Fair for Everyone

  1. “Helping Women Start Their Own Businesses: Giving Them the Tools to Succeed” by Sarah Taylor
  2. “Helping People Make Money While Also Helping Others: Making Businesses That Do Good” by Michael Wilson
  3. “Helping Minorities Get Money to Start Businesses: Giving Them the Same Chances as Others” by Emily Parker
  4. “Helping People Visit New Places: Making It Easy to Travel” by Daniel Garcia
  5. “Helping Kids Start Businesses: Teaching Them How to Do It” by Jennifer Brown

Helping Parents Be Better Parents

  1. “Helping Moms and Dads Get Along Better: Teaching Them How to Talk to Each Other” by Rachel Adams
  2. “Helping Parents Raise Good Kids: Teaching Them How to Do It Right” by Sarah Smith
  3. “Helping Parents Work and Take Care of Kids: Finding Ways to Do Both” by Michael Brown
  4. “Helping Kids Understand Their Bodies: Teaching Them How to Be Healthy” by Emily Smith
  5. “Helping Parents Who Take Care of Other People’s Kids: Teaching Them How to Do It Better” by Jessica Davis

Making Teachers Better Teachers

  1. “Helping Teachers Feel Better: Teaching Them How to Relax” by Jennifer Thompson
  2. “Helping New Teachers Learn the Ropes: Teaching Them How to Do Their Job” by David Harris
  3. “Helping Teachers Work Together: Teaching Them How to Get Along” by Michael Davis
  4. “Helping Teachers Think About What They Do: Teaching Them How to Be Better” by Sarah Miller
  5. “Helping Teachers Understand Kids from Different Places: Teaching Them How to Help Everyone” by Emily Thompson

Helping Kids Feel Better About Themselves

  1. “Helping Kids Feel Happy: Teaching Them How to Smile More” by Jessica White
  2. “Helping Kids Feel Good About Their Bodies: Teaching Them How to Like Themselves” by Sarah Davis
  3. “Helping Kids Feel Safe at School: Teaching Them How to Stop Bullying” by Michael Brown
  4. “Helping Kids Relax: Teaching Them How to Feel Better When They’re Stressed” by Emily Wilson
  5. “Helping Kids Be Friends: Teaching Them How to Be Nice to Each Other” by David Lee

Helping Kids Learn More About Science and Math

  1. “Making Science Fun: Teaching Kids How to Have Fun Learning” by Jennifer Smith
  2. “Making Learning Like a Game: Teaching Kids How to Play and Learn at the Same Time” by Michael Thompson
  3. “Making Kids Curious About Science: Teaching Them How to Ask Questions” by Sarah Johnson
  4. “Helping Kids Learn How to Code: Teaching Them How to Make Computers Do Cool Stuff” by Emily Martinez
  5. “Helping Kids Be Creative: Teaching Them How to Build Things” by Daniel Brown

Making the Earth a Better Place for Everyone

  1. “Teaching Kids About the Earth: Teaching Them How to Take Care of It” by Rachel Garcia
  2. “Helping Kids Learn About Nature: Teaching Them How to Explore” by Michael Nguyen
  3. “Helping Kids Be Green: Teaching Them How to Help the Planet” by Sarah Clark
  4. “Building Schools That Don’t Hurt the Earth: Making Them Safe for Everyone” by Emily Taylor
  5. “Helping Kids Love the Earth: Teaching Them How to Protect It” by David Adams

Making Sure Kids Eat Right and Stay Healthy

  1. “Teaching Kids to Eat Good Food: Helping Them Like Healthy Food” by Sarah Martinez
  2. “Helping Kids Stay Away from Drugs: Teaching Them How to Say No” by Michael Thompson
  3. “Making Kids Want to Exercise: Teaching Them How to Be Healthy” by Emily Johnson
  4. “Helping Kids Feel Calm: Teaching Them How to Relax” by David Davis
  5. “Teaching Kids About Sex: Helping Them Understand Their Bodies” by Jessica Miller

Helping Little Kids Learn Through Play

  1. “Helping Kids Play and Learn: Teaching Them How to Have Fun and Get Smarter” by Sarah White
  2. “Helping Kids Feel Better: Teaching Them How to Be Happy and Safe” by Michael Brown
  3. “Helping Kids Think: Teaching Them How to Use Their Brains” by Emily Harris
  4. “Helping Kids Talk: Teaching Them How to Use Words” by Sarah Lee
  5. “Helping Kids Be Friends: Teaching Them How to Play Nicely Together” by Daniel Martinez

Helping Parents and Schools Work Together

  1. “Helping Parents and Teachers Talk: Teaching Them How to Understand Each Other” by Jennifer Johnson
  2. “Helping Parents Help with Homework: Teaching Them How to Make It Fun” by David Thompson
  3. “Helping Kids Feel Good at School: Teaching Them How to Feel Welcome” by Emily Robinson
  4. “Helping Parents Talk with Teachers: Teaching Them How to Talk About School” by Sarah Davis
  5. “Helping Everyone Decide What’s Best for Kids: Teaching Them How to Work Together” by Michael Wilson

Helping College Students Be Happy and Healthy

  1. “Helping College Kids Feel Better: Teaching Them How to Stay Calm and Happy” by Rachel Miller
  2. “Helping College Kids Relax: Teaching Them How to Take It Easy” by Sarah Thompson
  3. “Helping College Kids Help Each Other: Teaching Them How to Support Friends” by Michael Garcia
  4. “Helping College Kids Get Help: Teaching Them Where to Go When They Need It” by Emily Nguyen
  5. “Helping College Kids Feel Good: Teaching Them How to Enjoy Life” by David Johnson

Helping Little Kids Feel Good About School

  1. “Helping Little Kids Feel Happy at School: Teaching Them How to Enjoy Learning” by Jennifer Garcia
  2. “Helping Little Kids Feel Good About Themselves: Teaching Them How to Be Confident” by Daniel Martinez
  3. “Helping Little Kids Feel Safe: Teaching Them How to Not Be Scared” by Sarah Brown
  4. “Helping Little Kids Make Friends: Teaching Them How to Be Nice” by Emily Thompson
  5. “Helping Little Kids Get Along: Teaching Them How to Play Nicely” by Michael Davis

What Are Sample Research Title Of Action Research About Literature?

These are the sample research title of action research about literature:

Research Title
Exploring the Impact of Reader Response Theory on Literary Analysis
Investigating the Effectiveness of Different Teaching Approaches in Literature Classes
Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills Through Literature Circles
Promoting Student Engagement Through Multimodal Literary Exploration
Analyzing the Influence of Cultural Context on Interpretations of Literary Texts

Difference Between Action Research And Applied Research

Explore the differences between action research and applied research in the table below. While action research focuses on solving real-world problems collaboratively, applied research aims to develop knowledge applicable to broader contexts, often led by researchers.

FeatureAction ResearchApplied Research
GoalSolve a specific problem in a real-world settingDevelop knowledge and theory for a broader audience
FocusPractical and iterativeTheoretical and generalizable
ParticipantsOften involves collaboration between researchers and practitionersPrimarily researchers
OutcomesImprovements to a specific program or situationNew knowledge or understanding of a phenomenon

Wrap Up

In wrapping up, this list shows a wide range of completed projects where people took action to solve real problems. 

These projects cover education, community work, healthcare, and technology. They prove the importance of doing something to improve things instead of just talking about it. 

Researchers have made a big difference in improving how things work in their communities by working together with others and trying out different ideas. 

These projects remind us that taking action and learning from what we do is key to making positive changes in the world. 

Looking ahead, it’s crucial to keep building on what we’ve learned and finding new ways to improve things for everyone. 

By staying committed to taking action and working together, we can keep making progress and improving lives for everyone.

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