Perioperative Nursing Research Paper Topics

25+ Best Perioperative Nursing Research Paper Topics [2024 Updated]

Want to know the best perioperative nursing research paper topics? If yes, here we give all the details and facts about Perioperative nursing.

It is an important field within healthcare. The major role of this field is to provide care to patients before, during, and after surgery. 

This specialized area demands a deep understanding of surgical procedures, patient needs, and nursing practices. 

Research in perioperative nursing not only enhances patient outcomes but also advances the knowledge and skills of nurses in this field. 

To facilitate exploration and innovation, here are over 25 research paper topics given for perioperative nursing.

What Is Perioperative Nursing?

Perioperative nursing is the care provided to patients before, during, and after surgery. It involves looking after patients’ health and well-being throughout the entire surgical process. 

It helps prepare patients for surgery, assists during the operation, and provides care as patients recover from anesthesia and surgery. 

They work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing surgery.

How Do I Find Latest Perioperative Nursing Research Paper Topics?

Finding perioperative nursing research paper topics can be an exciting and rewarding process. Here are some strategies to help you discover relevant and engaging perioperative nursing research paper topics:

Steps to Find Perioperative Nursing Research Topics

1. Search Databases

  • Look for recent articles in places like PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, and Web of Science. 
  • These websites have lots of academic articles about perioperative nursing. 
  • You can look for papers published recently by using filters.

2. Read Journals

  • Check out journals like the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing or the AORN Journal. 
  • They publish new research and guidelines about perioperative nursing. 
  • Reading these journals can help you find out what people are studying now.

3. Visit Websites

  • Go to websites for groups like the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) or the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN). 
  • They often share updates and news about the latest topics in perioperative nursing.

4. Look at Conference Reports

  • Check out reports from conferences and meetings about perioperative nursing. 
  • Many conferences put their posters and talks online. 
  • You can see what people talked about and find new ideas there.

5. Keep Up with Social Media

  • Follow hashtags and groups on social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • People share news and ideas about perioperative nursing there. 
  • You can learn a lot by joining these conversations.

6. Talk to Experts

  • Chat with other nurses and researchers who know about perioperative nursing. 
  • You can learn from them and get ideas for new topics. 
  • Going to workshops and events is a good way to meet people who can help.

7. Read Government Reports

  • Look for reports from government agencies and healthcare organizations. 
  • They often talk about what’s new in perioperative nursing and what needs more research.

Using these tips, you can stay up-to-date on the latest topics in perioperative nursing research and find ideas for your research papers.

List of 25+ Best Perioperative Nursing Research Paper Topics

Perioperative nursing involves caring for patients before, during, and after surgery. In this list, we explore 25 research topics in perioperative nursing, focusing on practical aspects like patient safety, communication, and innovative approaches to care.

1. Virtual Reality for Nursing Training

Study how virtual reality can help train nurses better by giving them lifelike scenarios to practice with.

2. Using Robots in Nursing 

Look at how robots can be used in nursing to make surgeries more precise and efficient.

3. Making Surgeries Safer

Look into how nurses can make surgeries safer by using standard checklists and protocols.

4. Using Computers to Help Nurses Make Decisions 

See how computers can help nurses make decisions by predicting patient outcomes and assessing surgery risks.

5. Dealing with Nurse Stress

Find ways to help nurses deal with stress better so they can take care of patients effectively.

6. Relaxation Techniques to Calm Patients Before Surgery

See if relaxation techniques, like mindfulness, can help patients feel less anxious before surgery.

7. What Patients Need Emotionally 

Study what patients need emotionally before, during, and after surgery and how nurses can help.

8. Video Calls for Pre-Surgery Consultations 

See if video calls can help patients learn about their surgery before they come to the hospital.

10. Different Cultures in Nursing

Look into why it’s important for nurses to understand different cultures to take care of patients well.

11. Better Communication Among Nurses and Doctors 

Find ways to help nurses and doctors communicate better during surgeries.

12. How Nurse Leaders Affect Patient Health

Look at how nurse leaders can make patients healthier by leading their teams well.

13. Preventing Infections After Surgery 

Find the best ways to stop infections after surgery, like making sure everything is clean.

14. Using Music to Help Patients Feel Better

Study if playing music can help patients feel less anxious and less in pain after surgery.

15. Putting Patients First in Nursing

See how nurses can focus more on what patients need, like making decisions together.

16. New Ideas to Make Patients Hurt Less After Surgery 

Look at new ways to help patients hurt less after surgery, without using as many strong medicines.

17. Making Sure Nurses Give the Right Medicine 

Study how nurses can make sure they give patients the right medicines at the right time.

18. Using Less Energy and Making Less Trash

Find ways for nurses to use less energy and make less trash in hospitals.

19. Nurses Practicing Skills With Fake Patients 

Look at how practicing with fake patients can help nurses get better at their jobs.

20. What’s Right and Wrong in Nursing

Study what nurses should do when there’s a hard choice, like telling a patient’s secrets.

21. How Money and Jobs Affect Patient Health

Look at how having more or less money or a job can affect how well patients do after surgery.

22. Taking Care of Older Patients During Surgery

Study how older patients need special care during surgery because they’re often weaker and have trouble thinking clearly.

23. Computers to Watch Patients After Surgery

See if computers can help watch patients after surgery so nurses can see if something’s wrong sooner.

24. Using Things Like Massage to Help Patients

Look at how things like massage or smelling nice things can help patients feel better after surgery.

25. Nurses Helping During Big Disasters

Study what nurses should do during big disasters like when there’s earthquakes or floods.

26. Making Sure Nurses Write Everything Down Right: 

Look at how writing everything down well can help patients get the best care.

What Is The Most Important Role Of A Perioperative Nurse?

Determining the main job of a perioperative nurse is tough because they have lots of important tasks. But two big parts really stick out:

1. Keeping Patients Safe and Speaking Up for Them

A perioperative nurse makes sure the patient stays safe and healthy during surgery. Here’s how:

  • Before Surgery: They learn about the patient, figure out any possible risks, and explain what’s going to happen during the surgery.
  • Keeping Things Clean: They make sure everything stays super clean to stop germs from causing infections.
  • Watching Closely During Surgery: They keep a close eye on important signs like the patient’s pulse and how much anesthesia they’re getting. If something goes wrong, they’re there to help.
  • After Surgery: They help the patient wake up from anesthesia, manage any pain, and keep an eye out for any problems that might pop up.

2. Working Together with the Surgical Team

Perioperative nurses are like the glue that holds the surgical team together. They:

  • Help the Surgeon: They get all the tools ready for the surgery, know what the surgeon needs before they even ask, and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Talk Well with Everyone: They make sure everyone on the team knows what’s going on and share important info with each other.

While both keeping patients safe and teamwork are super important, some people might say that keeping patients safe is the top priority. 

After all, a successful surgery means making sure the patient stays safe and healthy. 

Working together as a team helps make this happen by making sure everyone knows what’s happening and what needs to be done.

In the end, both jobs are really important. Perioperative nurses play a huge role in making sure surgeries go well by putting patients first and making sure everyone works together smoothly.

200+ Most Interesting Perioperative Nursing Research Paper Topics PDF

Explore a comprehensive collection of over 200 intriguing perioperative nursing research paper topics in this PDF. 

What Are The Most Important Elements Of Being A Perioperative Nurse?

Discover the essential aspects of being a perioperative nurse, from ensuring patient safety during surgery to fostering effective teamwork in the operating room. 

Explore the critical roles these nurses play in providing care before, during, and after surgical procedures.

Important Element of NurseDescription
Patient Safety and Advocacy– Keeps patients safe throughout the surgery. 
– Checks patients before surgery to find any risks and tells them what to expect.
– Keeps everything super clean to stop infections. 
Surgical Team Collaboration and Communication– Helps everyone on the surgical team work together. 
– Gets all the tools ready for surgery and makes sure things run smoothly.
Clinical Knowledge and Skills– Knows a lot about surgery and keeping things clean. 
– Keeps up with new ways of doing surgery and new medicines and tools. 
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving– Looks at situations carefully and knows what to do if something goes wrong.
– Thinks hard during emergencies and fixes things to keep patients safe.
Organizational Skills and Time Management– Handles lots of things at once and knows what’s most important in a hurry. 
– Get the operating room ready and make sure everything is there
Communication and Interpersonal Skills– Talks well with patients, families, and other healthcare people. 
– Tells patients clearly what to do before and after surgery. 
Emotional Intelligence and Resilience– Deals well with stress and stays calm even in tough times. 
– Supports patients and families when things get hard.

In Short

Consequently, these are the most interesting perioperative nursing research paper topics. It helps to upgrade the knowledge of the nursing students.

Perioperative nursing research plays a pivotal role in advancing the quality of care provided to surgical patients. 

By exploring these diverse perioperative nursing research paper topics, nurses can contribute to enhancing perioperative practices, improving patient outcomes, and shaping the future of perioperative nursing. 

Through collaboration, innovation, and evidence-based practice, perioperative nurses can continue to excel in delivering safe, compassionate, and effective care throughout the surgical journey.

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