Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce

100+ Top-Rated Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce [2024 Updated]

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Have you ever wondered about the diverse and intriguing areas of study nestled within the world of commerce? Shodhganga, a treasure trove of academic research, presents a multitude of captivating research topics in commerce. Simplifying complex ideas into understandable concepts, Shodhganga delves into the heart of commerce, making it accessible to budding researchers and inquisitive minds alike.

Commerce, simply put, deals with buying and selling, but it encompasses so much more! From finance and accounting to marketing, international business, management, economics, information technology, sustainability, and legal aspects, the breadth of topics covered is immense. Imagine exploring finance—how money works for businesses—or understanding consumer behavior—what drives people to buy certain products. These are just a glimpse of the rich tapestry of topics waiting to be explored in Shodhganga.

With Shodhganga research topics offer a gateway to understanding the complexities and nuances of commerce in everyday language. So, whether you’re intrigued by the dynamics of global trade, curious about the influence of technology on business, or fascinated by the ethical dimensions of commerce, Shodhganga’s research topics in commerce provide an inviting pathway for discovery and learning, making even intricate ideas understandable for students and enthusiasts exploring this fascinating field.

What Is Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce?

Shodhganga Research Topics in Commerce encapsulate a vast array of subjects and themes within the sphere of commerce. Essentially, Shodhganga serves as an expansive repository housing a myriad of research topics pertaining to commerce. It offers a comprehensive collection of study areas, insights, and investigations into various aspects of commerce, including finance, marketing, international business, management, economics, information technology, sustainability, and legal frameworks.

This repository acts as a reservoir of knowledge, encompassing research topics that encompass diverse disciplines and interests within the commerce field. It provides a platform where researchers, students, and academicians can access, explore, and engage with an extensive range of subjects related to commerce, spanning from fundamental concepts to specialized areas.

How Can I Find Good Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce?

Finding good research topics in commerce on Shodhganga involves several steps to identify areas of interest and relevance. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Identify Your Interests and Focus Areas

  • Start by reflecting on areas of commerce that fascinate you. Are you drawn to finance, marketing, international business, management, economics, or another specific aspect?

2. Explore Shodhganga

  • Visit the Shodhganga website and navigate to the commerce section or use their search feature. You can find a wide range of theses and research papers.

3. Review Existing Research

  • Look through the available theses and dissertations related to commerce. Pay attention to the abstracts and summaries to get an idea of the topics covered.

4. Narrow Down Topics

  • Select a few topics that align with your interests and seem promising based on the abstracts or summaries. Consider the depth of research, relevance, and potential for further exploration.

5. Evaluate Research Gaps

  • Assess if there are gaps in the existing research that you can address or explore further in your own study. Originality is crucial in selecting a good research topic.

6. Consult Advisors or Experts

  • Discuss your shortlisted topics with professors, advisors, or experts in the field. Their insights can help refine your ideas and guide you toward more impactful topics.

7. Consider Relevance and Significance

  • Ensure the chosen topic is relevant to current trends, issues, or advancements in commerce. It should contribute meaningfully to the existing knowledge.

8. Scope and Feasibility

  • Assess the scope and feasibility of the research topic. Ensure it’s neither too broad nor too narrow, allowing for adequate research within the given resources and timeframe.

9. Refine and Finalize

  • Refine your topic based on feedback and considerations, ensuring it aligns with your academic goals and capabilities.

10. Ethics and Permissions

  • Ensure your chosen topic complies with ethical guidelines and obtain necessary permissions if required for data collection or research.

Example Research Topics on Shodhganga In Education

  • “Impact of Digital Payment Systems on Traditional Banking in India”
  • “Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Consumer Behavior: A Comparative Study”
  • “Financial Inclusion Initiatives and Economic Development in Developing Countries”
  • “Sustainability Reporting and Its Influence on Investor Decision-making”
  • “E-commerce Adoption in Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges”

List of 100+ Top-Rated Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce

Following are the most interesting Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce education.

Finance and Accounting Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce

  1. The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability.
  2. Financial Derivatives and their Impact on Market Volatility.
  3. Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Financial Performance.
  4. Impact of Blockchain Technology on Accounting Practices.
  5. Capital Structure and Firm Value: A Comparative Study.
  6. Financial Inclusion Initiatives and Economic Development.
  7. Behavioral Finance: Investor Decision-making under Uncertainty.
  8. Risk Management in Banking Institutions.
  9. Sustainability Reporting and Investor Decision-making.
  10. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Adoption and its Implications.

Marketing and Consumer Behavior

  1. Influencer Marketing and its Effectiveness Across Different Demographics.
  2. Online Customer Reviews and their Influence on Purchase Decisions.
  3. Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies: Successes and Failures.
  4. Impact of Augmented Reality (AR) in Marketing Campaigns.
  5. Consumer Behavior in Subscription-Based Services.
  6. Personalization in E-commerce: Customization vs. Privacy Concerns.
  7. Brand Loyalty in the Age of Multiple Options.
  8. Pricing Strategies and Consumer Perception.
  9. Ethical Marketing Practices and Consumer Trust.
  10. Neuro-marketing: Understanding Subconscious Consumer Behavior.

Cool Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce – International Business and Trade

  1. Trade Policies and Global Supply Chain Resilience Post-Pandemic.
  2. Political Risk Analysis in International Business Operations.
  3. Emerging Markets and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  4. Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth: Case Studies.
  5. Cultural Intelligence and its Role in International Business Negotiations.
  6. International Joint Ventures: Success Factors and Challenges.
  7. Impact of Trade Tariffs on Global Business Operations.
  8. MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Host Countries.
  9. International Trade Finance Instruments and Their Utilization.
  10. Regional Economic Integration: Comparative Analysis of Trade Blocs.

Management and Strategy Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce

  1. Strategic Leadership in Times of Crisis.
  2. Change Management Strategies in Global Organizations.
  3. Talent Management and Employee Retention in Competitive Industries.
  4. Innovation Strategies in Highly Regulated Industries.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement.
  6. Crisis Management and Reputation Repair in Corporate Settings.
  7. Corporate Culture and its Influence on Organizational Performance.
  8. Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Mitigation Strategies.
  9. Lean Management Practices in Service Industries.
  10. Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in Dynamic Environments.

Economics and Policy Shodhganga Research Topics

  1. Economic Impacts of Climate Change Policies.
  2. Income Inequality and Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis.
  3. Behavioral Economics in Public Policy Design.
  4. Role of Infrastructure Development in Economic Growth.
  5. Impact of Global Economic Uncertainty on Emerging Markets.
  6. Labor Market Flexibility and Employment Patterns.
  7. Public-Private Partnerships in Economic Development Projects.
  8. Economic Effects of Government Subsidies and Tax Incentives.
  9. Urbanization and Economic Development: Challenges and Opportunities.
  10. Macroeconomic Policies for Sustainable Development.

Information Technology and E-commerce

  1. E-commerce Adoption in Developing Countries: Barriers and Facilitators.
  2. Cybersecurity Threats in Online Transactions: Risk Analysis.
  3. Big Data Analytics and Decision-making in E-commerce.
  4. AI-Powered Chatbots in Enhancing Customer Experience.
  5. Mobile Payment Systems and Financial Inclusion.
  6. Blockchain Applications beyond Cryptocurrencies.
  7. Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses.
  8. Privacy Concerns and Data Protection in E-commerce.
  9. The Role of Augmented Reality (AR) in Retail Environments.
  10. Voice Commerce and the Future of Shopping.

Sustainability and Ethics in Business

  1. Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Competitive Advantage.
  2. Circular Economy Models and Business Innovation.
  3. Ethical Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Best Practices.
  4. Green Marketing Strategies and Consumer Perception.
  5. Corporate Governance and Ethical Decision-making.
  6. Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  7. Impact Investing: Balancing Profitability and Social Impact.
  8. Corporate Transparency and Accountability in Sustainability Reporting.
  9. Fair Trade Practices and Market Access for Small Producers.
  10. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Metrics in Investment Decisions.

Retail and Service Management Shodhganga Research Topics In Commerce

  1. Omnichannel Retailing Strategies: Bridging Online and Offline Experiences.
  2. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Service Industries.
  3. Innovation in Retail: Role of Technology and Customer Experience.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Service Businesses.
  5. Employee Training and Service Excellence in Hospitality Industry.
  6. Supply Chain Management in Retail: Trends and Challenges.
  7. Retail Location Strategies and Consumer Behavior.
  8. Digital Transformation in the Banking and Financial Services Sector.
  9. Healthcare Service Delivery: Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction.
  10. The Gig Economy: Impacts on Service Industries and Workers.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  1. Startup Ecosystems: Factors Influencing Success.
  2. Funding Challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  3. Women Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges.
  4. Technology Adoption and Innovation in Small Businesses.
  5. Franchising Models and Entrepreneurial Success.
  6. Family Business Succession Planning and Challenges.
  7. Social Media as a Tool for Small Business Growth.
  8. Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship: Nurturing Innovation.
  9. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Risk-taking Behavior.
  10. E-commerce Platforms and Small Business Sustainability.

Legal and Regulatory Aspects in Commerce Research Topics

  1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection in Global Business.
  2. Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations: Compliance Challenges.
  3. Antitrust Policies and Market Competition.
  4. Data Privacy Laws and Cross-Border Data Transfers.
  5. Corporate Bankruptcy Laws and Insolvency Procedures.
  6. Trade Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Case Studies.
  7. Regulatory Compliance in Financial Institutions.
  8. Employment Laws: Impact on Business Operations.
  9. Consumer Protection Laws in E-commerce.
  10. Legal Challenges in International Trade and Investment Disputes.


Shodhganga’s repository of Research Topics in Commerce stands as an invaluable resource offering a panoramic view of the multifaceted realm of commerce. It encapsulates a wealth of knowledge, providing a gateway to understanding the complexities, dynamics, and emerging trends within the diverse domains of finance, marketing, international business, management, economics, information technology, sustainability, and legal frameworks.

Through its extensive collection of research topics, Shodhganga serves as a guiding light for researchers, students, and enthusiasts, fostering exploration, inquiry, and deeper comprehension of commerce-related subjects. By simplifying intricate concepts and presenting them in an accessible manner, it facilitates learning and engagement, catering to individuals seeking to unravel the intricacies of commerce in an easily understandable way.

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