Cutting Expenses in Retirement: 6 Stores To Stop Buying From

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Shopping at the ultra-hip health food store Erewhon is a status symbol experience for A-list celebs, well-known influencers

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Grocery Outlet ($2,600 less annually), Walmart ($2,210 less), and Food Lion ($1,300 less) are better selections.

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Whole Foods

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The kind of store where the newest, most expensive device upgrade is always just around the corner is one to stay away from.

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Big-Box Electronics Stores Like Best Buy

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Designer outlet malls are groups of single-brand stores that let consumers get their hands on high-end fashion and accessory labels for less

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Designer Outlets

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Retirement on a fixed income should be avoided as small boutique stores often have high prices .

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High-End Boutiques

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Convenience stores were brought up by a few specialists as well, where patrons pay more to enter and exit swiftly.

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Convenience Stores Like 7-Eleven

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